Frequently Asked Questions: Your quick guide to find answers to common queries about Hypnotherapy.

Some of our commonly asked questions

Hypnosis is similar to daydreaming or meditation, in essence it’s an altered state of awareness thereby creating a relaxed subconscious state of mind. In this relaxed state, your subconscious mind is open to receiving helpful and beneficial suggestions enabling you to reach your desired goal. This means that after a few treatments newly incorporated changes become permanent. 

Absolutely not. Hypnosis is not ‘brainwashing’ and will only work providing the suggestions made to you are within your core beliefs and principles. During hypnosis, I, as your therapist, will provide suggestions to your subconscious mind. These suggestions will promote the positive changes in thoughts, feelings, or behaviours you desireSuccessful hypnotherapy is all about Teamwork and so as long as you are willing to participate in the process you will reach your desired goal.

No, not at all. At no time do you lose control nor can I (or any therapist) make you do something you don’t want to do. In essence Hypnosis will only work if it’s within your core believes and principles.   Most important of all is that you are in complete control during the entire duration of the treatment and can stop the session at any time. 

Yes Hypnotherapy is a safe, relaxing and totally enjoyable experience.

Different conditions/issues require a different number of sessions before the issue/condition is eliminated and your goal has been reached. However, as an example, Stopping Smoking can be achieved with only one 3 – 4 hour session. A Weight Loss Programme can take around six sessions.  Other issues can take anything from to 4 – 12 treatments.  

Before your first treatment I will have a preliminary no obligation discovery call talk with you regarding your general health and chat to you in depth about the reason you wish to have hypnotherapy and what you wish to achieve. This will enable me to ascertain the best and most appropriate method of treatment for you. I will then tell you all about hypnotherapy and the process. It will also give you the opportunity to ask me any questions you may have. Then if we are both happy to proceed with treatment we will. 

Unfortunately yes. Cancellation with 48 hours notice a 50% fee will be charged to you. Cancellation with 24-hours notice a 100% fee will be charged to youWe need to do this because each appointment is precious and you would be preventing someone else having that slot. I’m sure you understand. 

Yes I do. You can learn self-hypnosis techniques to use for various issues, such as relaxation, stress reduction, or achieving specific goals.

Ethical hypnotherapy involves me obtaining informed consent from you, the client; me explaining the process to you, and ensuring you are comfortable with the therapeutic approach. 

As a Hypnotherapist I adhere to ethical principles laid out in my Code of Conduct of my Governing bodies, including maintaining confidentiality and treating you with respect and dignity. 

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